Why Us

A partner of choice in healthcare solutions...

With products of the highest quality and superior use, Inokule Healthcare takes on responsibility for people's health.

To establish trust and to look carefully the details, especially differentials make of Inokule Healthcare a company with a responsible vision, linked to customer’s satisfaction and commitment of its professionazls.

Inokule selects technology that adds real value to its products and services and that does not harm the environment.

We are committed to achieve the company’s goals with pride, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Inokule Healthcare has always been operated based on its core values, which have and continue to guide the our march swiftly through the path of progress. Our core underlying values are:


Deal with suppliers, customers and co-workers fairly, honestly and transparently; and honor commitments, both verbal and written.


Respect and value the diversity of each individual be it a supplier, customer or co-worker, mindful that the Group's success is founded on each individual's skills and commitment.

Teamwork & Unity:

To achieve the common goals set out by any Group Company or the Group, Company interest must be placed above personal interest. To break individual limitation and barriers, everyone must work cohesively by helping and guiding each other.

Pursuit of Excellence & Professionalism:

Continuously set high standards of performance and achieve operational success in each day's work, as well in the quality of goods and services rendered. Additionally, on an individual level, one must strive to improve and develop new skills which will help adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Social Responsibility:

Demonstrate social responsibility and commitment towards the country, communities, and environments, and ensure product quality, safety and efficacy always.

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inokule Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.,
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Thane - 401 105
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91-226565 5657
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